IntelliJ activation

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  1. PHPStorm 10, IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, RubyMine, PyCharm
  2. For activation set license server to:
  3.  > (May be locked, read below)
  4. and press Ok. No key. Worked.
  6. UPD:
  7. Site may be locked in some regions. We can bypassing it using next link as license server:
  8. > (May be slow, opens about 10-20 seconds; sometimes open on the 2nd try)
  10. It is real url of, but proxified from anonimize service "" (you can check it yourself in your browser).
  11. On 7 Dec 2015 worked for me.
  13. UPD2 - more proxies:
  14. > (thanks @virgil31)
  15. > (thanks @Maveryck70)
  17. Last tested version: 10.0.3

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