Submission can be a sign of strength

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  10. by a Taken In Hand fan on 2006 Sep 29 - 23:51 | reply to this comment
  11. Yes, I agree with not countin
  12. Yes, I agree with not counting out the feminine women. I have surprised several suitors who made the mistake of basing what I look like as being naturally submissive just to learn very rapidly (and sometimes to their disappointment)that I am feisty and full of opinion with the intelligence to back it up. I love men who don't shy away or become turned off by my resistance to yeild to them because of the assumption of their gender. I am strong willed and physically fit and it is only the man that can love me for it that has a chance at capturing my heart--and he has.
  14. for clarifying that for her the point of discipline is not to make her feel guilty and unworthy, but rather to release those feelings. I can see how spanking or other discipline would have that sort of cathartic effect; but I still have a hard time relating because I seldom feel guilty for not living up to other people's expectations. (But I can feel hellaciously bad about not living up to my own expectations.) Maybe that's because my romantic relationships so far have not been D/s; but I think I can imagine how I would react in that circumstance as well.
  16. Thanks also to Tevemer for the distinction between childish versus childlike. I'll agree that some childlike qualities are wonderful, and adults could use more of that. Not only playfulness, but also (and more importantly to me) a sense of wonder and magic in how they relate to the world. Children can actually be quite serious. (Or at least, that's how I was when I was young. I really loosened up a lot when I became an adult; I'm much more playful now than I ever was as a child. I hated goofiness so much when I was little that I refused to watch most cartoons on tv; and I once whacked another kid with a long piece of lumber just because she would not stop acting silly and be serious.)

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