Post-Divorce Jealousy can stem from a few things.

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  9. by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Jul 10 - 02:57 | reply to this comment
  10. Getting to be submissive
  11. The idea of actually trying to be submissive SERIOUSLY, not just as some kind of sexual game, is so new to me that it feels really weird. I find that I actually like it though: doing things the way I know my husband wants them done does give me satisfaction, and I know it makes him happier too. I don't think he would ever be as serious about it as some of the men I read about on this website though.
  13. For instance when I asked him if he wanted to take control of our finances he looked quite appalled. And as for getting me in touch with my inner self etc, no I don't really see him considering things like that very much. I mean, it's not the kind of thing he thinks about really, mostly he thinks about hovercraft and jet engines and the Mary Rose and stuff like that.
  15. I certainly don't feel as if I'm disappearing on anything like that, but then again I probably am never going to be as totally deeply submissive as some of the women I read about here. But then I don't really resemble any of the other women on this site very much. I mean, I don't have a career, or a black belt in Judo or Karate or Origami or anything, I'm not a firefighter, I don't even drive a car (which, given my husband's views on women drivers, is just as well).
  17. Most of the other women here seem to be like Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg, and Joanna Lumley all rolled into one. My Inner Shrew is still kicking around in there and surfaces from time to time, I am currently anticipating a discussion with my husband in the workshop after some backchat I gave him earlier today. I doubt if I will ever be TOTALLY submissive, but then I don't think he'd care for it if I was, he'd prbably find me rather boring.

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