Love and lust.

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  10. I always prefered the stories with the tough kind or princesses who didn't let themselves be pushed around but got out there and did stuff themselves, like Kate Crackernuts, Tatterhood, Molly Whuppie etc, but those are girls who are fending for themselves rather than being looked after.
  12. Either way, for me, the word 'princess' does not conjour up images of being cherished and looked after, but rather a world of peril and uncertainty, fraught with danger on every side.
  14. by Louise C on 2004 Nov 22 - 06:53 | reply to this comment
  15. Fairy tale princesses?
  16. I fail to see what this discussion about the "tough" lives of real princesses has to do with what Bramble meant. Are you willfully misinterpreting her meaning? I believe she was using the term figuratively. What Bramble clearly describes is a marriage where her husband cherishes her. She submits to him "easily" because he has proven himself and knows he has her best interests at heart. It sounds like a good marriage to me.
  18. Bramble's post is a reminder that being taken in hand does not begin with the use of physical force, but has a deeper source. So much depends on the character of the man who assumes the role of HOH. Can he be trusted to lead the relationship with the qualities that Bramble's husband evidently possesses? The threat of a spanking can not be the source of his authority. Any fool can beat his wife. I believe that is called abuse. The source of his authority to lead and discipline must derive from his strength of character and the caring concern he has for her. Once he has proven himself she will gladly submit. How can it be otherwise?
  20. by Stephen on 2004 Nov 22 - 15:05 | reply to this comment
  21. Princesses

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