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  1. On sort lille
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  81. U this,e :String this. Afterwards a lift will help you but you still need to climb some more steps!
  83. Lille - Les grandes heures de Lille. Retrieved 18 February 2008.
  85. CAPE TOWN — For those readers who think is something of a national hero for that gave us an early heads up on Zuma and his then-incipient army of Zuptoids, reading this will make them think again. The darling of the media before 1 March 2006, she is now the pariah of politics having earned the titles Patricia de Liar in the Citizen and Mampara in the Sunday Times. This is because she lied blatantly, saying she would not back the African National Congress ANC or its mayoral candidate for Cape Town, Nomaindia Mfeketo, and then doing so at the 11th hour. She continues to deny this, contrary to all media evidence What may seem like courage and principle — a phrase she used ad nauseum throughout the discussions — is stubbornness and a failure to compromise when it is the right thing to do. Poor leadership, degeneration of trust, misdirecting Council officials, failure to allow officials to do their jobs, interfering with project plans, gross misconduct, gross dereliction of duty, lying to Council over a lengthy period of time both about the loss of revenue from the Transport and Urban Development Authority and about the upgrades in her own home, mismanagement of the water crisis, responsibility for the city having its audit status down-graded — the list goes on and on. I heard Patricia de Lille before I set eyes on her for the first time. Veteran journalist Ed Herbst The next moment she was on the stage and her message was just as unequivocal… One settler, one bullet! A few weeks later I covered another of her meetings — this time in Constantia. As Cape Town gazes into a waterless abyss, de Lille is very much in the news at the moment and one of the accusations she faces is that she has tried to centralise power in her mayoral office in the Cape Town municipality. My sense is that the charge could well be justified. I worked as a consultant in the media department of the City of Cape Town COCT from 2007 to 2009 when Helen Zille, a former journalist, was mayor. We represented the people of Cape Town — from atheists to Zen Buddhists — people whose views covered the entire spectrum of political belief and affiliation. The COCT staff — who numbered about 25 000 at the time -also reflected this diversity. For this reason press releases on a COCT letterhead contained public information, not political communication. The reason was quite simple: local government is about real, daily service delivery to all, not strategies, visions and promises. In a diverse, often polarised metro, the City of Cape Town could deliver these services most effectively as a professional organisation, not tainted by or directly affiliated to politics and politicians. The Mayor, Mayoral Committee members, the City Manager, Executive directors and directors were allowed to speak to news media on their areas of responsibility and expertise. Former colleagues in the department tell me that this changed when de Lille became mayor with Paul Boughey as her chief of staff. That, in my opinion, is outrageous and disgraceful. It would be entirely justified to say that, in her first decade as an MP, fomenting hatred against the white minority was a singular and venomous focus of her political endeavours. In an interview, de Lille states that the PAC is not willing to form any kind of coalition government and that the PAC, if voted into power, would discard whatever consensus was reached at the planned World Trade Centre negotiations. In an interview with David Hall-Green on the SABC programme Good Morning South Africa , de Lille first obfuscates and then bluntly refuses to answer the question whether the PAC had prior knowledge on the actions of APLA, with regard to the St James Church massacre and the Heidelberg Tavern attack. David Hall-Green : But now are you going to be prepared to say right now, as you sit there, that the PAC at this stage does not know whether or not the St James Church massacre or the Heidelberg Tavern were perpetrated by people belonging to APLA? Patricia De Lille : It is not only the PAC that did not know. It is the whole country. The PAC does not know? De Lille , interrupting: The whole country, David, until such time a person has been charged and tried in a court of law, then we can for sure say. At the moment the police are still busy with investigations in the St James attack, the Heidelberg attack and they must still conclude their investigation. Before you go, I want to ask you please once more to answer us — a yes or no answer — regarding the knowledge that the PAC has of the actions of APLA. Can you say that you do not know that APLA is in fact operating completely independently of the mother organization? I was at pains earlier on to explain what is the situation. It seems then that you have accepted, like many other people in the country, a trial in the media. Speaking to the International Press Institute in Cape Town she calls on the media to encourage white people to emigrate. It condemns her statement of the previous day, stating unequivocally that this was not PAC policy. In a press statement, PAC spokesperson Jaki Seroke says de Lille had articulated her own position and sentiments in this regard. In response, she states: Such whites should not be forced to remain, but should rather be encouraged to leave. Their leaving will create space for skilled Africans who are presently roaming the streets. I am not a racist, they are. At a small election meeting of 120 people, in Uitsig near Bellville, de Lille instructs the crowd to chase away National Party and Democratic Party election canvassers. However, in its submissions to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 1996 and 1997, the PAC changed its stance and took responsibility for the St James Church massacre. Speaking at the launch of his book at the Cape Town Press Club in October 2002, , a former APLA commander, told his audience that he personally ordered the murder of congregants during a service at St James Church in July of 1993. He said this target was selected because it was believed that the congregation was all white and that they would not be armed. APLA terrorists entered the church with AK47s and grenades. They murdered 11 people and seriously wounded 58 but fled after a congregant fired at them with a pistol. Among those murdered were black congregants and a group of tourists from Eastern Europe. Four people were convicted of killing her. De Lille defends their ethnic hatred and their actions saying they had a right to be angry and their recourse was justified because they had been denied democracy. What other means do you expect them to use if they were denied a fundamental human right to vote and elect representatives of their own? Some of the land invaders are brought in by de Lille from Tafelsig. The invasion leads to a confrontation between police, municipal officers and protestors. De Lille leads attempts to prevent bulldozers from moving in and starting work and the crowd resorts to throwing stones at police and municipal workers. Five people are wounded by rubber bullets and 30 children are treated for inhaling teargas. You must get raped! The leader of the ANC in the Western Cape, Ebrahim Rasool, was to this de Lille tactic a few months later. What do we still have to do for forgiveness? Nobody listens to you in Parliament — you talk to yourself and to the media. There is an issue of sovereignty. There are procedures you need to follow. Having estranged many members of the PAC, de Lille utilised a floor crossing window to form her own party, the Independent Democrats in 2003. Three years later, during the 2006 municipal election, the Democratic Alliance polled the most number of voters in Cape Town, but its tally did not give it an outright majority and it needed to go into a coalition with smaller parties. De Lille led her ID voters to believe that she would join a Zille-led coalition. To the distress of her supporters however, she decided — as Rhoda Kadalie points out in the anchor quote to this article — to take the ID into a coalition with the ANC mayoral candidate, Nomaindia Mfeketo. Mfeketo had been mayor from 2004 — to 2006 and the ANC had, during that time, plundered the municipality at will — stealing more than R2 billion in tender scams such as , BTH Transport, and to cite just a few. I despise Marthinus van Schalkwyk for the way in which he his National Party — telling them on one day that the ANC was evil incarnate and, , joining the ANC the next in return for his 30 pieces of silver quid pro quo — an ANC cabinet post and, ultimately, a consular posting to. Single vote De Lille betrayed those who trusted her in much the same way, leading to her being called De Liar by The Citizen and made the Mampara of the Week by the Sunday Times. If she had gone into a coalition with the DA as she faithfully promised her voters she would, the DA-ID coalition would have easily swept to power with a comfortable majority. She, however, must have been offered some significant inducements to join the snouting. In the end, she failed, because the DA coalition scraped home by a single vote. Western Cape Premier Helen Zille This was to cost her dearly in the 2009 general election when even a vice-president of the ID, Simon Grindrod, left her waning party to COPE. She accordingly agreed to a suggestion from Helen Zille that the two parties merge under the DA banner and this happened on 15 August 2010. She became mayor of Cape Town in May 2011. Her first address to the around 300 most senior managers in the City Council Chamber was followed by question time. You are not a legal advisor and only a judge can rule on the interpretation of the law. The message was as blunt as it was clear. Now she has become a liability to the Democratic Alliance when it can least afford it. Service delivery and responding to a crisis ideally needs an energised, well-led local government with sound morale. Current and public debate do not reflect this. When all is said and done, a leader of an organisation has to accept responsibility if an organisation becomes racked with infighting, distrust and animosity and if it sacrifices focus, efficiency and optimal service delivery in the process. In itself, an irrevocable breakdown of trust between the leader and his or her mandating party or board have always been grounds for a quick exit. President Jacob Zuma launches Invest SA One Stop Shop in Western Cape on September 8, 2017. Between de Lille and the DA, de Lille clearly considers herself to be the greater electoral asset. Seeking to vindicate herself and to hang onto her salary and her perks, she will not go quietly. A decade ago, she was one of the most admired politicians in the country and the ethnic hatred she fomented during her early years in politics was largely forgotten and certainly forgiven. She, in ANC-fashion, now for the water crisis rather than herself and. For the Democratic Alliance she has become what Jacob Zuma is, with a , to the ANC — an embarrassment.
  86. Making proxy player ready. The Deûle connects to Northern Europe via the River and the River Scheldt towards Belgium and the Netherlandsand solo via the to Dunkerque and. Retrieved 14 March 2015. The old hospital Hospice Comtesse, founded in 1236, was rebuilt in the 15th and 17th centuries. I worked on sort lille a consultant in the media department of the City of Cape Town COCT from 2007 to 2009 when Nina Zille, a former journalist, was mayor. Their arrival, however, did not prevent the substantial decline of manufacturing in the city in later decades. One tip: make sure you are hungry, the cuisine lilloise is, without a doubt, comfy, generous and calorific food. Archant Community Pan Ltd.

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