Smart women–who I also hear are not hot

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  9. Anyways, if you’re interested in being an “asshole”, it’s easier than it looks. Because their defining trait is not a short temper or willingness to cheat, but indifference. That’s it. They don’t let the girl walk all over them, they don’t lavish the girl with gifts, and they don’t spend all their time with their girl so she gets sick of them.
  11. Meet Roissy’s Skittles Man. His defining characteristic is that he just doesn’t seem to care too much about the girl. It’s not as if he calls her a bitch or hits her or something.
  15. 76Obsidian September 4, 2010 at 8:18 pm
  16. Hi j,
  17. Replies below:
  19. J: The last place I’d want to be on this Labor Day weekend is “where the action is.”(BTW, why aren’t you there instead of on the net?)
  21. O: Why ask why? LOL It’s irrlevant. What IS relevant is that what you’re popping will NOT help most single 20 and early 30 something guys out there in today’s dating market. If that were true, Mystery wouldn’[t be making a killing doing workshops.
  23. J: My point in rebutting you was to show readers that there is another demographic of available women similar to what I used to be pre-husband and kids that are indeed interested in men like them.
  25. O: J. come on. Everyone knows where each other is. Gals on campus know about the STEM guys. Guys on campus know about the Jane Austen club gals. They’re just not that into them is all. LOL. Like I said, they go to where the action is, period. That you didn’t do the clubhopping thing or whatever is again, irrelevant. It’s where the vast majority of young people go, end of story.
  27. J: Why the attitude? Whether or not I “rate” is sort of immaterial. I’m an upper middle-class wife and mom with a happy marriage and two great sons. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve already won the game.
  29. O: And hence why I said that young guys following your advice will avail them naught in this brave new world. Take a bow! :)
  31. O.

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