Strong, Intelligent women are more interesting.

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  9. Take the Taken In Hand Tour
  10. Have you seen the following articles?
  11. The sexuality of ‘non-sexual’ dominance
  12. Women want men who are more dominant
  13. Three different experiences of rape
  14. Why would a women want to be spanked?
  15. The healing power of taking her in hand
  16. What the woman gets out of it
  17. The difference between dominant and controlling
  18. Chemistry is indispensable
  19. Empowering dominance
  20. Maintenance spanking
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  22. soul mates
  23. Blush,
  25. Wow I missed this until now. It leaves a powerful image in my head. It is amazing how much we are able to achieve when we have found a mate who can reach our souls, the very essence of our being. The sum of two can be much, much more than the sum of the individual parts. It is amazing how freeing it can feel.
  27. Take care,
  28. Tevemer
  30. by Tevemer on 2004 Dec 9 - 22:16 | reply to this comment
  31. The power of Love..
  32. Hi Tev, oh thank you so much for understanding just that very thing. I know that I seem a bit old fashioned for wanting and expecting love to be a part of who we are. But what I have discovered with my past relationships and now with Gary is this.

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