Some weirdness and conflict

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  11. The whole gay routine is something new that I'm trying out, which, if I'm right, will make a woman want me even more because she obviously knows that I'm not gay, and will be even more enticed to try to prove it by trying to kiss me/perform sexual activities the longer I keep the act up.
  13. I then decide that I'm taking these girls home, so I start being nice to the girl I shot down earlier, by complimenting her name, etc. I tell the plan to Rob and he agrees. We sit down with the girls, and I figure out what they are doing after they leave. One has work in the morning, the other is skipping work, and the last is doing nothing. The hot one and ass ugly one agree to come. I ask about their friend, and Uggles says that she doesn't care, she's the one driving. To be continued later...
  15. I used a technique I developed that will almost always get women to come home with me as long as they don't have to wake up early and don't have to walk a mile to get to my place. I'm willing to share this with guys that I have personally seen in the field who are able to build comfort with a woman (Ive seen both Rob, Andy, and Tom do that). Why so selective? The last thing I need is to use the technique on a girl only to have her say that it's been tried earlier (by some guy who didn't know how to use it properly) by some creepy guy, thus shooting down my chances. I need to know that if it's been used, it's been used by a guy who I confidently believe that if it didn't work for him, it wouldn't have worked for me.
  17. ----
  19. The girl with the piercing gets up and goes about her business and she's quickly replaced by a girl that we now refer to as The Psycho. I number close her in about two minutes. At the end of the night, she literally goes flying out of the bar and lands on another girl. If anyone knows how far it is, she got thrown from the door, almost to the street.
  21. A couple of questions, and a woman unconsciously reveals what type of personality she has. I knew she would be an easy kill, so I did it.
  22. ----
  24. Misha then opens a four set sitting down, and I decide to go over and wing him. Misha says that one of them gave him a cig, so I say "Aww, you deserve a gold star for that." I didn't see it as a neg, but these girls have some serious mental issues (as proven by the fight that broke out later), and start yelling at me. Right when I get ready to adjust my game, I notice Tom behind me, so I decide to eject and let him handle them. He handled them pretty damn good, but I'll let him tell his side of the story in a FR.
  26. I ejected because three guys in a set is too many for me, when the third guy approaches to soon. I think it looks to obvious that there is a coordinated pick-up occurring, but that's just me.

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