Fantasy and reality

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  11. One of the big problems with my marriage was that I never talked to my husband about how I felt about things. Perhpas if you talked to your wife about how you feel it would help? Maybe you could start by telling her that it bothers you when she tries to dominate you (if it does). If you just said something like "I don't like being bossed about by you", it might make her less inclined to throw her weight around. Perhaps you could find some middle ground between being bossed by her and you being the boss?
  13. At the age of fifteen (I was still a virgin), I was brutally raped by the guy (18) I had been dating steady for almost two years. It was violent and incredibly painful and totally unexpected. His demeanor towards me was total anger. I remember afterwards, when he had fallen asleep, getting up to leave and his brother meeting me in the hall. He had heard everything from the next room, and took it upon himself to take care of me, and take me home.
  15. Maybe this is the underlying aspect of my own rape fantasies – the fact that I lost my own virginity to rape.
  17. Being a stupid, naïve teenager, I continued to date X, at least a four more times. I guess I thought this was an isolated incident. Each date ended with him forcing himself on me in extreme anger. I finally decided to end the relationship after the last incident where he gagged and tied me to the wooden arms of a couch at a friend's house, and raped me numerous times in front of his friends. This last assault finally ended when he passed out and a friend untied me. I promptly left, never to see him again.

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