Dating obviously isn't important to you

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  11. when we left (we live in a same neighborhood) so we had to go same way i live couple of blocks away from him so he says all of a sudden ill go another way i was like why? he says (smiling not angry way ) i wanna be alone he was acting weird i was like whats wrong with u i havent see u so long we both have a same ride so what is that mean u gonna go another way why r u acting so weird? he goes like we havent seen each other so long , thats normal cause we r not together i was like okkk i know so u are alone so what it has to do now u going from another way? when we both have a same way home…he realized that he was acting wrong and smiled and changed the subject….So what is that mean? he isnt over it and he couldnt hide i think that he got emotional this is what i think….
  12. when i got home i BBM him saying _it was nice to see u cb;) (we used to call each other cbgb and i wrote it on that message just wanted to be a warm message didnot had any other intention at all, really ) and he goes like _ it was nice to see u too but i dont want u to have a wrong idea, Please. I was like Nooo what r u talking about not at all!!! he said Ok.
  13. I would be glad to hear other peoples opinion about this whole things.
  15. abhi Says:
  16. June 6th, 2011 at 7:58 am
  17. thnx for these advice. it had helped me a lot.
  19. @KLA Says:
  20. June 20th, 2011 at 7:59 am
  21. this sucks i experiences the very same thing however my guy is not ready to be back together even thought he has feelings.we had same exact convo going on u should of kept quiet even thought i know u must of felt terrible i did too..u should of not asked why he s actign strange and weird.
  22. please girls realise that men have specific way of putting women into cathegories and they just wait for the opportunity to eleminate someone on basis of being too emotional.they want us to be tought and very sweet and yet never pushy .
  23. mine has said to me milion times that i m pushing to get bk togeter while i was just being the same like before break up .
  24. i m guessin men once its over for them its over for REAL!
  26. Panda Says:
  27. June 22nd, 2011 at 9:15 am
  28. yea im goin through it too people you are not alone there a probably millions of us out there , & yea it does suck , in the past 2 years 5 family members have past away & when my girl left me it was the same feeling, possibly worse. ive found it farkin hard to concentrate & focus on what i should be doing & at the moment my life does’nt really have that much meaning. anyway i hope the rest of you have better luck

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