trying to get laid

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  10. Hell, I’ve been “harassed”.  It sucks.  I was helping a buddy teach EKGs to a group of beginning health care providers and I was sitting there with my shirt off and a bunch of leads stuck to my chest.  One girl (she was 19 or 20 if I recall) actually ran out and got her friend from another class to come watch.  The class was disrupted, inappropriate comments were made, and…well…it was uncomfortable.
  12. If I was female and of a certain mind, I could have gotten a lot of people in trouble that day.  I was also very, very angry – in the class I was simulating a patient – and you DO NOT treat patients that way – not in any class I have a part in teaching.
  14. “But if I don’t like something from a woman I’ll pick her up, set her on the counter like a 4 year old, and lecture her with my finger in her face. “
  16. You’d be unemployable shortly thereafter, at least in health care.  I can chew ass with the best of them – I was a Sergeant of Marine Infantry, after all – but you can’t treat women like men.  You’ll “Hurt their feeeeeeellllingssss,” and then you’re the one either unemployed or apologizing.  Also, the second you lay hands on one, you’re fucked.  Especially if she did something wrong – she’ll use your assault and battery to cover all manner of her misdeeds.
  18. Women have other psychological handles that are more effective and less risky to get them to do what you want.  Use them instead.
  20. “I’d tell her she has 2 seconds to remove it or I’ll rip her arm off and shove it up her ass sideways. “
  22. Again, you’d be unemployable, at least in healthcare.  Sure, she technically harassed you (but everybody knows that women can’t sexually harass men, right?), but you threatened violence(gasp!) against a coworker.
  24. That kind of talk sounds good, and it might work if you’re a mechanic or something, but don’t pull that shit around nurses.  They’ll use The System to hand you your balls.
  26. “You cannot discount the physical power dynamic in this.”
  28. I agree, and it works against the man in the long term.  Sure, right at that moment you can intimidate the woman, but after she has a chance to think (and report you to the boss), the bigger and tougher you look, the more you’re in trouble.  When dealing with shady women, it’s very important to think strategically, even if you have to forgo some tactical advantages.
  30. I had an interesting conversation not 24 hours ago.  One of my female coworkers needed a shot in the glute, and she asked if I’d do it because I wasn’t busy at the time.  Her comment was,”I trust you, Dogsquat.”

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