Online Dating Tips to Succeed in the Dating World

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  9. December 15th, 2010 at 7:19 pm
  10. hi, me and my gf have been having a great relationship,
  11. well she tells me everything and so do i to her, and she told me things about a mate of hers which made me pissed at this mate cause she does stupid things to equal what me n my gf hav done with random guys.
  12. I removed her on facebook but she posted something on a guys wall i saw it n added her n had a go at slags n such, i didnt tell i her i knew wat she does, but it was obvious, she immediately told my girl who got pissed at me as you expect. I was a complete idiot n went way too far in the convo to the mate cause she angered me by saying being a slut is ok i lost it n said my feelings about them.
  13. I spoke to my girl straight after she found out, explained myself but she says she doesnt think it will be anytime soon before she tells me secrets n i said i completely understood that and she forgave me. Im back from university soon and shes coming over that night, how can i show her she can trust me again?
  15. annonymous Says:
  16. December 24th, 2010 at 1:48 pm
  17. I’m a woman writing this…my husband and I were together for 7 yrs. He has always treated me like just an object, and he is a complete womanizer! He has done such mean things to me and hurt me severely thru out the yrs. It has been hard to forgive and forget, but I’ve done it…all on my own might I ad. He has never shown any remourse for his actions in the past. Well after our 2nd son was born he started cheating with this older woman from the bar…which it went on for a yr and he missed the whole forst yr of our youngest sons life because of it. When I would confront him about his infedelity he would lie and say “oh it’s not what you think, we are just friends” BULLSHIT, am I supposed to believe that you’re taking her to casinos on mothers day, spending most of your time with her and you aren’t having sex? I’m not dumb! Well I tried giving an ultimatum….it’s me or her!! His response “I won’t choose”. Needless to say eventually this affair ended and I forgave him, yet again, and got over it completely on my own! And kept the relationship going on my own as well! Many events led up to me getting fed up and wanting to leave…him ignoring me, not spending any time with me, being mean and disrespectful, anytime I’d try to tell him I was unhappy he’s blow up and say “there are people out there with bigger problems that you, suck it up”. So fed up I left. Needless to say I was friends with our neighbor, as was he…and it was a man. He left his girlfriend and we chatted over the phone.

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